Monday, 3 May 2010

Dreamy Cat

When brayering inks onto card, the best way to do it is without any lines showing so you get a beautiful air brushed effect. I haven't quite managed to do that with this card but I am a newbie to this and still need to practice. But I have to say I like it anyway as it came out better than I expected.

All the stamps used were by Lavinia Stamps and I used Adirondack Eggplant ink for the landscape and lavenders and TH distress inks Mustard Seed and Barn door for the sun. The sun is a little bumpy in places but that is all down to solar flares lol!

I can't image Miaowski dreamily contemplating dragonflies. I mean, if she ever saw a dragonfly there is no way she'd just sit and look at it. She would leap up and grab it within seconds and then she'd eat it. Last night there was a tiny fly (so tiny I couldn't see it) flying around the light. It drove M to distraction, she just had to have it and was trying to get on top of the highest piece of furniture in the hope she could get into the lampshade and get to it.

I've taken many pictures of Miaowski inside her box, but it never fails to surprise me how she fits so neatly into a small space. It doesn't look comfortable to me but it's her favourite place...

I have no idea why this sentence seems to be turning into a link as I haven't linked it to anything! I just wanted to say Happy Bank Holiday to people in the UK and have a Happy Monday to everyone else!



aww look at cute Miaowsky all curled up in that box!! Happy Bank Holiday to you as well my friend hugs xx

Dotty Jo said...

Hi sweetie, this is a wonderful card you are so clever! I haven't ever tried brayering as it looks so difficult - well done you for being so brave. Love that picture of Patrick on your previous post - looks so like my cat Custard. Enjoy the bank holiday and don't forget todrop by as i have blog candy on offer until tonight! Jo x


Hi hun I forgot to say that your brayering is soo much better than my own, I need some lessons methinks. Wonderful card xx