Friday, 23 July 2010

OMG Tim Holtz Sneak Peeks

And also a sneak peek at ol' Funny Face!


This is just a quick post. I wasn't intending to post anything until I checked out Tim Holtz's blog. Summer CHA 2010 is here and all the new exciting new products are out. So many Christmassy new gorgeous things to look forward to.

My favourite of all are these lovely deer dies. I just have to have them!

And check out these spooky halloween dies - my favourite are the crow and spindly scary cat.

Oh no! I'm trying to de-clutter and minimise. But I can feel a shopping frenzy coming on ... yikes!

Have a happy weekend and thanks for stopping by ...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A visit from a couple of ferrets :)

A friend of mine came round last night to show me these cute baby ferrets. Awww, what sweeties they are. They are from a litter of 5 and all were white apart from one sweet little brown one named 'Bandit' because he has that stripe across his eyes. He also had a rounder face than the others and when lying on his back looked like a baby otter. I would LOVE one of these as a pet.

I tried very hard to take a photo of Miaowski sniffing them but for some reason I couldn't get the camera to click. Miaowski's eyes were on stalks when she was these little fellas. She came right up to them and gave them a good sniff but was on her best behaviour and didn't try to eat them! Her tail went a bit frizzy and fluffed out as she wasn't quite sure what they were.

Shame I didn't really get good pictures of them. They wriggled around quite a bit. And just when I thought I was getting a really cute pic of Bandit lying on his back, the white ferret lay on top of him obstructing the view!

They just wouldn't pose for the camera.

If only little Bandit looked up at this point this next picture might have been better.

But it wasn't unfortunately.

I've told Miaowski she might be getting a ferret as a friend very soon :). Don't think she was impressed!

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Monday, 19 July 2010

Looking through the window ...

I saw some giant flowers, lol! I made this card using this cool window template. So easy to do. Just hold or temporarily stick the template down, sponge some blue ink for the background and stamp the flowers (Hero Arts) over the top.

I am still trying to re-organise all my craft things and my whole flat and still have a way to go. I really need another room or two :).

I have my new phone (Nokia X6) and although I love it, I am disappointed with the camera. Well, not totally disappointed but it isn't as good as my last camera phone. And I expect with a new phone, it should be much better not worse. Another defect with the phone is that it's not robust and whenever you take a photo, the back falls off!!! It's great for music though, and I've transferred all my music from my PC to my camera as it has 16GB of space on it - amazing! Now I don't have to worry so much if my PC's hard drive fails as at least I've got my music backed up in two places, my Ipod and phone - phew!

I will try and get back to blogging more regularly soon but think over the next couple of weeks things will be a bit patchy as I continue with the big re-organisation (and hopefully sunbathing if our summer returns).

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Monday, 12 July 2010

Normal Services to be resumed soon :)

Been so busy going out and about lately so still no new cards to show. So here is Miaowski trying to hide a portrait of herself - wonder why? Excuse the fuzzy picture, the lighting wasn't too bright for this pic.

The weather has been so lovely but we are due for rain soon. So, I must spend some much needed time to re-organise and tidy up my flat. I need to create some space before I can create anything else.

Here is another pic of Miaowski, this time looking alert - think she might have spied a pigeon or a squirrel ...

Here is another picture of Miaowski looking good with a yellow background :)

Hopefully I'll be taking better pictures soon. I'm getting a new phone soon, the new Nokia X6 with Carl Zeiss optics. Doesn't that sound impressive? Who knows what it means as long as it sounds good :). Ahh, they are a German manufacturer of optical systems - well I'm trusting that makes it super good!

Will be back blogging soon. Guess it's bound to be a bit erratic during the summer months.

Thanks for stopping by ..

Friday, 9 July 2010

Tilt your head Scanner's not working

What's up with my Epson Scanner, I do not know. I put the picture in straight and this is how it scanned. I'm at a loss to know what it's up to.

Anyway here is a sketch I did recently. It's the first drawing I've done in a long while. I didn't get her nose or mouth quite like the picture I copied it from. But on the whole I'm quite pleased with my attempt. I'm going to try it again because the little girl is so beautiful, I need to try and capture her better. I used the wrong kind of paper because this is textured paper for watercolour painting so that didn't help

I was going to scan in the original picture but as you can see my scanner is doing weird things.

I was ill last night. I was attempting to be healthy so made a lentil dahl for my supper. I used all natural ingredients and spices. I chopped up chillis, ginger and garlic, onions and blended a few spices. Added spinach to the cooked lentils. Not sure whether I cooked it enough or what happened but lets just say I'm not going to be eating lentils for a long time. Actually I'm surprised I'm still here to tell the tale, I was so sick and all night long!

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by ...

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thinking of You

A friend of mine asked me to make a 'Thinking of You' card so this is what I came up with. I'm always nervous when people ask me to make something to order without specifying exactly what they want. Taste is all subjective after all. Luckily she liked it so that was good.

The background is embossed with a Sizzex Daisy embossing folder. And the ric rac ribbon I applied with little dots of glossy accents - there is no way that is ever going to fall off. That's the great thing about glossy accents - as well as an accent it is also a brilliant glue.

The bird is from Stampin Up. I coloured it with water colour pencils, it looked nice but it needed an extra lift. So I used a clear Versamark pen to make the image nice and wet so I could apply clear embossing powder over it. And look how nice and shiny it looks once I'd melted the powder.

Yummy, I love that glasssy look.

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Twinkling H2O Dragonflies

More Asian dragonflies from Non-Sequiter Stamps. This time I coloured them in with Twinkling H2O paints. These paints are pearlized water based colours and are so nice you can paint on black card with them and they show up beautifully. Originally when I made this card I tried to be clever with a tassle hanging down the side but it just didn't look right so I took it out. But then there was a hole left in the card so I added the gold dragonfly brad - see, no such things as mistakes, just happy accidents :)

Not sure if this closer up pic shows off the beauty of the shimmery paints.

The gorgeous hot weather seems to have left the South West for the time being. I know, I wish it every year but I wish we could have at least 1 month (why not 3?) of nice warm summery weather without any breaks. Okay maybe some rain at night time but every day sunny and hot.

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Monday, 5 July 2010

Hot Asian

All these stamps apart from the daisy (Stamp Addicts) are from Non-Sequiter stamps. You know I love Asian. My favourite dragonflies are these ones. I added glossy accents to them to make them even more special. Had to have a steady hand to do them like this. The background is brayered with Kaleidacolor Desert Sun.

Here's a closer look at their gorgeous shininess ...

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my Mum and sister. It was sunny out and quite warm. No sooner had my sister applied suntan lotion when suddenly it turned quite cool. We looked up and could see the blue skies had totally disappeared only to be replaced by grey clouds as far as you could see. And the warmth was replaced by a very cool wind. The wind got so windy I thought my coffee was going to fly right out of the cup!

Never mind, I had a lovely weekend. Watched 'Annie Hall' and 'Manhatten' over the weekend, two of my favourite Woody Allen films. So many funny lines in those films, can I remember them now? Nope!

Happy Monday! Thanks for visiting ...