Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Whoa! I adjusted the levels in Photoshop for this picture and it has all gone a bit pear shaped! The colours aren't quite as vibrant as shown but today is a murky day and the original photo was very dark and dingy so I adjusted it a little bit too much! It must be the worse picture I've taken in awhile (ha ha there are plenty more on flickr unfortunately!)

So, for this card, I masked off the edges and smooched some colorbox chalk inks over the middle. And then embossed these seahorse images over the top. I made a few bubbles with Rangers Glossy Accents and poured glitter over. The sentiment is by Hero Arts.

Did you want to see the leopard print broom I was talking about yesterday? Here it is in all its kitsch glory :)
Ok I don't need it... but I want it!

This morning started off good, then went really bad, and then went really good again. What happened? Well my phone alarm went off and then when I went to put in my 4 digit pin to turn it on, my arm had gone dead from sleeping in a weird position. So I didn't put the pin in right, so I did it more than three times wrong and the phone got blocked! Oh no, no, no!!!! It told me I now had to enter my PUK code. My PUK??? What the hell is that? So I had to get onto my computer and google it. Ahhh, my Personal Unblocking Code that can only be got from my network provider. So I had to ring them using my landline phone which costs a fortune while they give me a number of menu options and then keep me on hold for absolutely ages because 'we are too busy to take your call' - huh at 7.15am? I gave up in the end and tried later. I was so happy when finally I got to speak to someone called Singhma who gave me my PUK code and I was reunited with my phone, hurray! He must have a great job reuniting people with their phones as he seemed as happy as I was when my phone worked again. Phew... I am far too dependent on that damm phone!!

Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by...


Dotty Jo said...

Hi Liz, I adore seahorses so LOVE your card!!! Brilliant work with the backbround, so pretty. Phones are great until they go wrong, but then I guess that's the way with all technology isn't it! Hope your day improves, Jo x

donna mikasa said...

Love your seahorse card--it really looks like an underwater scene! And that is one gorgeous broom! Were there other prints? Hee hee!