Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas coming to Taunton

On Sunday 20th it was the annual 'Turning on the Lights' in Taunton.  This is a fun family kinda day where the roads are cut off for traffic and the town is full of little market stalls, fun fairs and music.

This is part of our Deparment store 'Calvert's window - which is on the other side of town but it's pretty so I included it.

What was really cute was the little farm animals.  I asked Andy to take lots of photos as we are rather partial to cute furry animals :)

When I was little I always wanted a miniature pony.  This one would fit in my flat easily and I'm sure Miaowski wouldn't mind .... much!

Well, little hen, you have a rather spectacular hairdo

And you look very proud of yourself

*Kiss*, *kiss* little pony

Check out the ears ... I would have liked to give this donkey a big kiss

A few of the stalls in the middle of town

And I'm impatient to get going ....

Pretty, I love this tree

This is the inside of Mr Miles tea shop ... we love the lovely things it has for sale

I love red in my kitchen

Some blue things, very nice

I like these cat mugs and the Moo salt and pepper shakers

Peeking through the window to check out people enjoying their afternoon teas

This was outside the Cornish Pasty shop - just shows how mild it was that people were sitting outside as it was getting dark

Outside Cafe Nero ... love this building.  Made famous by Judge Jeffries .... Andy told me that but I can't remember why (if you really want to know leave me a comment I'll get back to you :))

Thank you for taking the photos Andy xxx

You may have noticed we didn't take photos of the lights going on.  Well to be honest it was so crowded we just had enough so didn't stay for the big switch on and fireworks.  I will show photos of the lights later this week

Thanks for stopping by ....