Thursday, 27 May 2010

Video of M as a kitten

Miss Miaowski was a kitten around 4 years ago. I discovered a very short video of her on my computer the other day. I was so excited to see her as she used to be. Tiny, with short, fat stubby legs :). As another day has gone and I haven't made a card, I thought I'd upload this very short video, not least cos it's a way of keeping this memory of her - I worry my computer will fail one day and I'm going to lose things like this. When I say short, it is approx 11 seconds long (why didn't I take any other videos of her when she was so young?). Anyway, check out Guzzle Guts :)

I'm glad to say, the weather forecasters got it all wrong and we had another sunny day yesterday and due another one tomorrow - yippee. The only thing is, my card making suffers somewhat, but I'll make up for it at the weekend.

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Cheryl Valadez said...

What a cutie!! Thanks for sharing this adorable video ;D