Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas coming to Taunton

On Sunday 20th it was the annual 'Turning on the Lights' in Taunton.  This is a fun family kinda day where the roads are cut off for traffic and the town is full of little market stalls, fun fairs and music.

This is part of our Deparment store 'Calvert's window - which is on the other side of town but it's pretty so I included it.

What was really cute was the little farm animals.  I asked Andy to take lots of photos as we are rather partial to cute furry animals :)

When I was little I always wanted a miniature pony.  This one would fit in my flat easily and I'm sure Miaowski wouldn't mind .... much!

Well, little hen, you have a rather spectacular hairdo

And you look very proud of yourself

*Kiss*, *kiss* little pony

Check out the ears ... I would have liked to give this donkey a big kiss

A few of the stalls in the middle of town

And I'm impatient to get going ....

Pretty, I love this tree

This is the inside of Mr Miles tea shop ... we love the lovely things it has for sale

I love red in my kitchen

Some blue things, very nice

I like these cat mugs and the Moo salt and pepper shakers

Peeking through the window to check out people enjoying their afternoon teas

This was outside the Cornish Pasty shop - just shows how mild it was that people were sitting outside as it was getting dark

Outside Cafe Nero ... love this building.  Made famous by Judge Jeffries .... Andy told me that but I can't remember why (if you really want to know leave me a comment I'll get back to you :))

Thank you for taking the photos Andy xxx

You may have noticed we didn't take photos of the lights going on.  Well to be honest it was so crowded we just had enough so didn't stay for the big switch on and fireworks.  I will show photos of the lights later this week

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pass by Pooches and Miaowski

Quite often, when we are out and about, Andy and I spot cute dogs.  If we can we take a photo or two or even better, ask if it's okay if we can have a quick cuddle, that is just great.  And so you see me here with a very sweet Jack Russell puppy.

Ooooh I would have been happy to take this one home

This next one passed by and I didn't notice it till Andy pointed it out.  And even then I nearly missed it as it was so beautifully disguised as a handbag accessory

What does Miaowski think of all this pooch photography?

She doesn't mind, as long as she has her own photo opportunity in her furry minooooo

Monday, 24 October 2011

2 Terriers, 1 human

Andy volunteers for the Cinnamon Trust which is a national charity providing elderly people with help for their pets.  Here he is with 'Molly', a sweet Jack Russell who he takes for walks a couple of times a week.

She loves her biscuit after she has caught her ball and bought it back to Andy.  Or rather, she won't give up the ball until Andy gives her a biscuit - she ain't silly!  I tried taking photos of her tearing across the field after her ball but I never caught a good picture.

As you can see, she is a little on the chubby side so she needs her exercise.  Her owner has partial sight and is unable to take her out for walks.  So she's gained weight.

Okay a lot of these pictures are similar.... I just love that little dog waiting so patiently for her treat

And I wanted to get a good picture of her jumping up to get it

Waiting patiently .....

You might think with all that leaping about she'd lose the weight.  Her owner probably can't resist her sweet winning ways

She's a great little poser.  Ahh they make a great team :)

Now here is Andy taking my Mum's West Highland Terrier, Millie for a walk .....

Note she is well in front, eager for her walk in the park

Uh ohhhhh, Millie has suddenly dug her little paws into the concrete.  She's approaching Gwynne Lane - a little lane she doesn't want to walk through.

No she definitely does not like this lane.

She literally needs to be pulled through

She's through, but lagging well behind

Well behind ....  what's in that lane Millie?   Snakes?

Ooooooh relief, she is now in the park wiggling about on her back with joy.....

I love dogs they are soooo cute!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Jack Russell Heaven

Who can resist a puppy?  Well I know I can't, and especially if it's a Jack Russell, but unfortunately I have to resist.  My friend Bonnie and her husband came over with their litter of pups and oh how it melted my heart - not that it takes much to do that, when it comes to cute pups.

This one's nickname is 'Feisty' which I would keep if I could have him.   He's so soft and warm on my lap.

And he fits so well :)

Bonnie with another sweetheart

Sweet as anything

Another one held by Adrian

What beautiful markings he has.  I love that expression.

I would love to have one but as I have Miaowski I can't, just don't think she'd approve.  I'm trying to persuade Andy to have one but he is away a lot so maybe now isn't the time.  But one day .... who knows?

Monday, 17 October 2011

Taunton Carnival 2011

Every year, here in the South West, we have carnivals that take place around October/November.  They are a great spectacle and a lot of work goes into making them.  Before I'd moved down from London I'd never seen them or knew they occurred.

The carnival floats are designed and built by dedicated carnival clubs around the West Country.  These clubs work relentlessly to achieve the spectacular carnival entries.  The illuminated floats can be up to 100ft in length, and can have up to 30,000 light bulbs.   They attract large crowds and a lot of money is raised for charities where you can put money into collecting boxes or throw it into the passing trucks.

Taunton had it's Carnival on Saturday night.  I'm lucky to live in town where the Carnival passes so didn't have far to leave to see it.  Andy took a few photos of the highlights.

You need to really click on each photo to enlarge them to get to see the pictures better as these small thumbnails don't really do them justice.  This float featured the country with lots of singing and dancing, I can't remember the name of the song they sang but they were very enthusiastic

That is the back of my head in the foreground.  There were so many people there on the pavements it was hard to get a good spot.  Luckily we sneaked forward and manage to squeeze in near the front.

This float had a cute dragon theme

This one had a french theme

Not sure what this one was about but it was  good to look at

 We liked these the best, great costumes

We had a great weekend altogether and I will be writing up my blog posts soon as we've been busy taking pictures of Taunton town including the historic buildings outside the newly revamped Taunton Museum.

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