Friday, 30 April 2010

A painting instead

Well today I have no card to show but thought I'd show a painting I did some time ago. This was for a friend who has a gorgeous kitty called Patrick. So here is Patrick looking adorable. I haven't done any painting in ages since I had the stroke. I must get back into it.

Well yesterday was a bit of a disaster. Last night I was just about to go into the sitting room when ... kapow!!! The rear wheel of my electric wheelchair exploded! And I mean EXPLODED, not just go flat but BOOM! And a load of liquid splurted out of it and shot from my computer room right into the hall way and over the fish tank! Totally scared Miaowski out of her wits so she isn't going any where near me now.

Well that has never happened to me before. It didn't scare me luckily but it has inconvenienced me. I'm now going to be waiting today for someone to come out and hopefully repair it. I have rung quite a few numbers and finally got through to someone. Apparently they are meant to respond within 24 hours for an emergency. Well I am waiting for a technician to ring me back now and so far it has been half an hour.

Luckily I can push my manual wheelchair ok and now I have a lot more of my strength back it isn't as hard as it was. But still, it means I can't nip about doing what I like to do. Just as well the weather has gone back to being cold and rainy otherwise I would be miffed at not being able to go out into the sun.

Ahh well, how about a picture of Miaowski looking uncomfortable? Somebody get that cat a pillow!!! She's not looking too impressed is she?

Well, hopefully I will have my chair fixed by the end of the day (a lot sooner than that I hope!). Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by ...


Cheryl Valadez said...

Wow! I didn't know you could paint! This is fantastic! Your friend will cherish it forever ;D

BTW, Miaowski is so adorable.

Anner said...

Hiya Liz, I heard about your wheele from Mum. She's in Brisbane with me at the moment. We are going boutique shopping together today.
Love the painting and pic of Meowski :)

donna mikasa said...

Oh, Liz! I do hope your chair gets fixed ASAP! I'm glad you at least have a manual one but's an emergency!! Take good care!