Monday, 17 May 2010

Stampeding Zebras and Papercraft@Taunton

Here are some stampeding zebras from Stampin Up's 'In the Wild' set. I wasn't happy with my brayering at all. Too many lines, colours too harsh and what happened to the sun? It kinda melted! I was getting quite disillusioned with my brayering as it is all touch and go most of the time. But things have changed since going to the Papercraft@Taunton show.

A nice man showed me how to use TH distress inks in an easier way. I'm not great at using the sponge applicator, I get too many lines. So he showed me a much easier way using a stipple brush. You use the same hand movement as with the sponge, circulating the brush over the Rangers heat mat and onto the card but the different is, you don't get any lines at all and you get a really even finish as if it's been air brushed. While he was showing me, I was thinking I could do the same thing instead of brayering. I might have to try and do this zebra card again using that technique. I was so excited, as soon as I got home I was stippling ink all over the place :)

I really enjoyed myself at the PaperCraft show. There were lots and lots of people there. Sometimes the stalls were 3 people deep and I couldn't get to see things but now and again I spied a gap and managed to get through. Took this photo of this lady demonstrating cut n' dry pads with distress inks. This was after the man had showed me the stipple brush technique, wish I'd taken a picture of him doing it but I didn't think at the time.
I took other photos but rather than showing them all today I thought I'd show one every day this week otherwise this post is going to be too long and I don't have too much time today. Actually this week it's a busy week so I'll be lucky if I get any cards made, but I'll try.

I'm so happy today, the sun is shining and you can actually feel some warmth in the air at last! Happy Monday everyone, and thanks for stopping by...


donna mikasa said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun at that craft show! Thanks for sharing the photo--looking forward to seeing more, along with some stippling! Have a great week, Liz!