Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Kawaii Kokeshi

Today's card features (ha ha sounds like a movie) the cute Kawaii Kokeshi (cute doll) from Banana Frog. The blossom tree is also from the same set and I used some Flower Soft on top which gives the impression of mini blossoms. I had to put a butterfly on the doll's head because although she has a flower there, I had put a gem in the centre but it didn't look right and when I took it off it tore the paper. So the butterfly is a nice cover up :). The lavenders are from Lavinia Stamps and the oriental embossing on the card is from the Cuttlebug Orient embossing folder.

Oh dear, the tassle looks like Miaowski has chewed on it! Actually that wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Where is that cat? Oh here she is, looking innocent as usual... She's not impressed that it's May and it's 2C as I type this.

We have a new Prime Minister here in the UK, maybe he could make the weather a bit warmer lol!

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by...


donna mikasa said...

A very kawaii card! Love the embossing--it really adds to the card! Miaowski is such a cool cat....