Thursday, 20 May 2010

C is for Cat and I won a Challenge!

Just a quick mini card for today. Over here in the UK, Stampin Up have introduced the new colours and this is one of them. Melon Mambo is replacing Pink Passion, I really love this colour, it's one of my favourites and I love the fact ythere is this matching gorgeous grossgrain polka dot ribbon.

My friend Monica makes lovely cards and she sent me one recently I liked a lot. It was a simple design but very stylish. So I tried to reproduce it but not as good as her version unfortunately. I used SU's 'C for Cat' set (another ebay bargain!). I hadn't intended to use the gems but seeing as a great gunk of glossy accents dropped onto the card, I had to cover it up with something! I used glossy accents to stick the ribbon down, works great - there is no way that ribbon will ever fall off that card!

I won a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited, it's the first one I've won so far. Over at Inkurable Stampers they had a black, red and white challenge for April and I won as an Inkurable Newbie. I won these stamps at Darkroom Door. I'm thrilled! Ooooh maybe I will try and enter more challenges now, I don't do them too often as I look at the other entrants and think they look so much better than anything I can think of.

Has anyone seen the UK's 2012 Olympic mascots yet? China's Olympics celebrations were amazing and they had cute mascots. What exciting idea would the UK have? Oh yes, of course, I'm really sure that one eyed aliens (called Mandeville and Wenlock - why?) represent what the UK is all about!!!!!!!!! OMG I do worry about this country sometimes. You have to take a look to believe it. Apparently they are being seen as a key money spinner for the Olympics? How? The 'designers' were talking about them on the radio this morning saying they wanted the design to be 'all inclusive'. Is it me, or do some people talk a load of drivel???

LOL! I better go before I offend anyone!

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Cheryl Valadez said...

LOL!! Love your post today! Had me laughing hard when I got to the part about Wenlock and Mandeville ;D Those two will certainly be memorable and maybe that was the goal :)

Your hot pink kittie card is super FAB! That new color is electric! The kittie gazing up the fish also gave me a chuckle, because it's so true to form. AND that sentiment couldn't be any more accurate ;D Love it!

Dotty Jo said...

Love your card Liz, great colours and such pretty stamping - GREAT sentiment! As someone who is owned BY a cat I really appreciate that one!
I have to say that I am actually warming to the mascots. As I work in a library I am pleased that they have woven a story around these two odd balls and I can imagine using the characters with the kids during 2012 for sessions and activities. The PR people have been amazingly clever and have gone for something that kids will love, but that will leave adults cold. They look like something that you'd find in a MacDonalds happy meal bag and I can imagine that younger kids will want to collect them. We do live in an odd country don't we! Jo x

donna mikasa said...

Love your card and I especially love the "happy accident" because the bling looks perfect there!

Thanks for sharing a pic of the new mascots....kinda quirky cute little cyclops....but together, they form a pair of eyes?? Very original and would be perfect in a Happy Meal box!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

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