Monday, 1 March 2010

Inspired by Challenge

I thought I would enter Lucy Abrams 'Inspired by' Challenge today. The challenge is to make a card that is inspired by someone else and show a link to the card I was inspired by. I was inspired by Jennifer McGuire's butterfly card. Although I made the butterfly the other day, and could have used that for the challenge, I thought I'd do something different. So I did. Here is little kitty from the digital Kitty Kat kit I downloaded from the 2Peas website. I used glossy accents on the ears, eyes and nose and added some Rangers cotton candy stickles to the middle of the flower. I nearly cut the whiskas off by mistake, quite tricky cutting around them.

I need to improve the background to my pictures as all I have for a background is a small white box - and it's not hiding all the stuff behind. So bear with me till I find something bigger

Happy Monday everybody!


donna mikasa said...

Love your lavender kitty! Is Miaowski jealous?
And your blog is perfect now--I can comment and there are no ads!

Lucy Abrams said...

Awww, cute card. Love that kitty :)

Jill said...

This is just sooo cute! So glad I found your blog!