Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Dolls my Mum made

My Mum is in her 80's and is still very talented and creative. Here are some dolls she made recently that are going to be sold for a good cause at a fete this weekend.

Here are some more. My favourite one is the little blonde one, so cute.

I've been having serious internet issues this morning. Thought I was going to be without the internet - aaargh! Have spent most of this morning waiting for BT to phone me back after checking my line but in the end I couldn't wait so phoned them back. In the end all I had to do was stick a pen through a hole in the BT hub and wait for 30 seconds. It worked for about a couple of minutes then went again. So I repeated it and thank goodness it worked.

So I better be quick before it all goes again and get this posted quickly. If I disappear altogether you will know it's because I have no internet.

Thanks for stopping by ...


donna mikasa said...

Wow, Liz--your Mum is so talented! The dolls are just adorable! I'm sure they'll go to good homes.
And please be careful where you stick a pen! That sounds a little scary to me! Take care!!

Nat said...

wonderful dolls, very sweet and beautiful!