Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Colour Pencil Cat

Ok you can see by the date I did this 2 years ago! I'm having internet and phone issues at the moment so I couldn't upload any photos from my phone. Hopefully I will be able to sort something out soon.

I drew this cat from a picture that was on a diary I had. I love colour pencil, so much easier than using water colours. I was pleased I managed to make the fur on this cat look furry :)

I might be taking a few days off blogging while I sort out my phone. And I need to rejuvenate my creativity. Sometimes taking a break from card making does the trick. Also I really need to practice my drawing so I have something more recent to show rather than my old art work.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back soon xx


Dotty Jo said...

Just look at his little face! Such a cute drawing Liz, and yes his fur does look furry! Jo x

donna mikasa said...

Totally adorable! Love the details you get with color pencils. Oh, I showed my hubs your little bunny drawing and he went, "Awwwww......" We are bunny lovers!

Take care and hope to see you back refreshed and revitalized!

Anner said...

sooo cute, how are you liz? I am back home again. I have been traveling a few days a week to Rockhampton. Finally have internet again properly. So now I shall continue to stalk your blog and show it off to everyone I know. xoxo

Cheryl Valadez said...

Liz, you know I'm a cat person and this little fellow really melts my heart! Just wonderful!