Monday, 21 June 2010

Kimono Kitty

My favourite stamp of all time is this gorgeous cat in a kimono by Art Neko. I have a larger version too. I haven't used these for absolutely ages and I feel sorry for neglecting them. The kanji is 'Cat' and I stamped it with Brilliance gold but because the card is a bit thick it absorbed much of the gold shininess. I used a small piece of beautiful Japanese paper as a kind of picture for the cat to look at, it was too nice to be used as a background paper.

Do you think a cat in a kimono is unlikely? Well Hana PetWear would disagree. Check out their beautiful kimonos for cats and dogs.

I've ordered 3 for Miaowski!!!! No, I haven't actually but I'd like to :)

Well it has been absolutely gorgeous here in the UK. The sun has been shining all weekend and we are due for a whole week of it - how nice is that? Well, I will have to be out as much as possible which will probably mean I won't be doing so much card making this week. Unless, of course, I get inspired. I'm lacking inspiration at the moment, think the sun has zapped it out of my head!

Have a happy Monday. Thanks for stopping by ...


Cheryl Valadez said...

LOVE the kimono cat on your card! And that beautiful washi paper is just superb. I have several large pieces of this type of paper, too, but I have a hard time cutting it...LOL! One of these days... ;D

Also, love the photo of the real cat in the Kimono. They would need to carry plus sizes to accommodate my fat kitties...haha!

Dotty Jo said...

Love your card... I would like to order a cat Kimono for Custard too but he probably wouldn't appreciate the beautiful embroidery or fabulous colours!!!
I love visiting your blog soooooo much as you always make me smile, Jo x

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz, good luck getting a kimono on Miaowski!!!!