Friday, 4 June 2010

Miaowski Watercolour

As I have been slack again on the card making front I thought I would show another one of my paintings. And this time it is a watercolour of Miaowski, my little dear heart.

As you can see I'm not great at doing fur or her tortoishell patterning, or her legs :). But I'm happy I got her expression right. Miaowski looks at me like that quite a lot, kinda domineering, haughty 'whatdya think you're doing' look. Ha!

I've just read three wonderful books by Peter Gethers about his EXTRAordinary cat, Norton. Norton was a Scottish Fold cat (his ears are folded over as opposed to pointed upwards). What made him extra special was his intelligence and his interesting life. He travelled everywhere with Mr Gethers, on cards, aeroplanes and ferries. He also went to very posh restuarants around the world where he would be waited on and given delicious dishes. He met famous people like Anthony Hopkins and Roman Polanski and even Lauren Bacall. The New York Times wrote an obituary on him when he died, how special is that!

I loved these books because they were so funny. Mr Gethers was a confirmed cat hater but his girlfriend bought him a kitten that bewitched him with one bright stare and a miaow.

Anyway I was reading and struggling to contain my laughter while reading these books outside and the next day I was struggling very hard not to cry as the last book was so very moving. And even today I'm feeling a bit sad as I'm going to miss reading about such a wonderful cat.

I recommend those books to every cat lover. And even cat hater cos I really don't think you'd stay that way after getting to know Norton through those books.

Ah, well, enough of my book review :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend and I'll be back on Monday. Thanks for stopping by ...