Friday, 25 June 2010

Asian Hare

I made this card awhile ago and kept it because I love it a lot. And I keep meaning to re-make it so I kept it to remind me. The rabbit kanji is from Onyx Expressions and the hare/rabbit and good luck kanji are from Stamp Magick

The origami is easy. Take a square piece of paper, fold in each corner to meet in the middle. Then fold back half of each corner. And that's it. It makes a cute little frame.

I have this card on flickr and I was amused by a comment someone left. Here it is complete with spelling mistake and grammatical error (not that I'm always grammatically correct or spell perfectly!) ...

these are long ears for sure!! I like the part with the rabbit.
Unfortunately is the folding of the upperside card (the red part) a little crooked. And i woudn't used the whool...

But i still do like it!!


The same person left a comment on a painting I did of my friend's beagle and told me it's eyes weren't right and it didn't look like a beagle. I might have to show that painting next week.

This weekend is set to be a scorcher - woo hoo. I'm going to be watching Glastonbury highlights on tv in the evenings. Looking forward to seeing Gorillaz, Muse, Dizzee Rascall, Groove Armada and Snoop Dogg, another great line up this year.

Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back on Monday xx


Dotty Jo said...

Well I love the 'whool' and everything Liz!!! That little rabbit is a sweetie. I am also looking forward to Glastonbury. We went to see Gaslight Anthem on Tuesday night - they were great. The support bands were a bit so-so though. The second band was so loud I could feel my internal organs vibrating! Have a great weekend, hugs, Jo x

Anonymous said...

Love the Hare - soooo cute. Love the origami too. You are so talented.Love Ady

Nat said...

Well, I LOVE this card and your origami!! This is a wonderful design! ALL your cards are amazing!! :)

Cheryl Valadez said...

Very nice! Love the image of the hare! And look at those wonderful folds!