Monday, 28 June 2010

It is a beagle!

This is a watercolour painting I did of my friend's beagle, Ruby. I'm really proud of this painting as I managed to capture Ruby just how she looks. Here is a comment by the same person from flickr who commented on the card I showed on Friday ...

Love the painting! Not really a beagle face...(little too wide) but very nice!!
(i used to train dogs for a few years)

Ahh, Ruby you do have a beagle face :)

Here is a picture of Ruby babysitting some kittens. The photo is a bit small as it was sent from my friend's phone

Well we had a beautiful HOT weekend here in the UK. It was gorgeous, and there is no denying this summer has definitely felt like a summer. Would be so nice if it continues through July as well, let's hope so. Anyway all this gorgeous weather has put a stop to my card making as I have just not been in the mood for staying in and my creativity has dried up for now. I'm sure it will return once the rain returns (forecast Thursday I think).

Really enjoyed watching Glastonbury this weekend. Muse were brilliant. Loved their opening with 'Uprising'. Wished I'd been there to see it. Was a bit gutted I missed Gorillaz. I taped them only to find that I had the wrong channel set - grrrr! But for a limited time the BBC are showing them here.

England are out of the World Cup - what's new pussycat? Only another 2 years to go before they are out of the European Cup and only another 4 years to go before they are out of the World Cup again. Ahh, at least they are consistent!

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by ...


Dotty Jo said...

Honestly Liz, I could swat that person leaving those comments. I think your paintings are brilliant and am really grateful that you share them with us! Jo x

Cheryl Valadez said...

Awww! What a sweetie! Another gorgeous piece of art. By the way, it looks like a cute beagle face to me ;D