Thursday, 3 June 2010


I fell in love with these Party Cats stamp set from Clear Art Stamps. I love vintage cat images, there is something so cute about cats dressed as little humans. And I like the little pun sentiments that come with them, too cute :)

This was just a simple card I made, with the addition of my favourite red brads and Stampin Up scallop and oval punched shapes for the sentiment. Normally I would have gone for just a red, black and white card and not coloured in the image. But for some reason I forgot and coloured in the last cat's jacket in blue. So I carried on and coloured in the other cats.

Yesterday I was watching the local news about the Royal Bath and West Agricultural show. All the animals are beautiful, what with being primped and cosseted to look their very best. There was a farmer spraying a cow with what he called a 'setting agent' to make it's hair stand up. Made me giggle, cos he meant 'hair spray' I think. And then there was another farmer with a huge pig that he was trying to make shiny by rubbing oil all over it. I could just imagine the pig escaping and him not being able to catch it cos of it being slippery with the oil. Then there were the horses with their manes beautifully plaited and hanging down on one side with pretty pink ribbons. I don't know, I found it quite fascinating because it was these big burly farmers that were doing all this beauty stuff on their animals.

Think I might take Miaowski and maybe they could give her a make-over and pretty ribbon :)

Yay, the weather is nice and warm today, it's going to be beautiful for the next few days. Thanks for stopping by ...


Dotty Jo said...

Cute card, love those vintage cats! Jo x

Jose said...

Hi Liz, it makes my day to read your blog. I love the oily pig! I just watched a weird program about pigs on TV - how piglets are trained, how many were used to make babe and there is a company in germany that gets managers to destress by making them massage pigs. Apparantly a pig will not sit still and be stroaked/massaged unless the person massaging is paying full mindful attention on the act. Also they get the managers to sleep in bed with the pigs overnight. I wonder how many managers have done that! Even weirder, I kinda got it and would like to give it a go. Yep, I am possibly officially mad! What one watches when one is bored!
Ciao Love Ady