Wednesday, 2 June 2010

My little lion heart :)

No cards to show for today as yesterday I was just too cold - I'm useless when I'm cold, can't do anything properly. I'm cold again today, can't wait till we get some sun back. So thought I'd show another painting I did in art class awhile back.

A lion cub from the book 'An Artist's Safari' by Ralph Thompson. I love his style of painting and can't take any credit from the style apart from the fact I did manage to copy it quite well. One of things I would love to do is paint fur realistically and it's something I do have a problem with, so copying from someone like Ralph Thompson helps me practice.

Not that I have been practicing any painting or drawing for awhile. I keep saying I will get back into doing it but somehow haven't made the time for it. It's another one for my list of 'must dos'. That list is quite long, lol!

If I don't come up with a decent card for tomorrow I still have other paintings I can show. Think there is a little leopard or maybe even a little Miaowski :)

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