Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Chinese Cat

There is a beautiful painting called Chinese cat by an artist called Cheng Yan. I've always loved it and wished I had a painting on my wall. So I was very happy to see Onyx Expressions has a rubber stamp of it. Onyx Expressions do beautiful stamps and have a large selection of Oriental rubber stamps. And a large selection of cat stamps too. And they have both of Cheng Yan's cat images. I will show his other one another time.

But for now I did this one embossed in gold. That beautiful background is actually vellum and I got it from my friend's craft shop (it isn't in existence anymore I'm afraid). I'm sure it could be found again somewhere on the internet.

I'm not sure what's happened to the summer temperatures but they have dipped too low again and I spent all day yesterday feeling very cold. Especially as my flat gets no sun so feels I'm living in a cave. I had salad for lunch and was so cold I had to make soup to warm me up! I went to bed wearing gloves!! Honest, I did. Trouble is, I woke up in the middle of the night burning up with heat and wondering why I was wearing gloves. Miaowski was sleeping on my feet sending pulses of heat up my legs - I thought I was on fire!

Hope it's warm where you are today. Thanks for stopping by ...


donna mikasa said...

I KNEW this was a card by you when I saw it in Google Reader! I love the gold embossed cat--beautifully done, Liz!

Hope Miaowski will keep you warm! So cute!

Dotty Jo said...

This is lovely Liz, great image and fabulous colours! It has been chilly recently hasn't it - hope you are feeling warmer now hun! Jo x