Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hallo Chick

I made this card for my mum. She has a cute West Highland Terrier called Millie. This image is from Pink Gem Designs and the sentiment is Stampin up (unfortunately got over inked - why is it I make a card and then at the end I put the sentiment on it and it either smudges, is over inked or doesn't come out properly??). I coloured it all with chalks. The scalloped squares are Nestabilities dies. This photo looks a bit blurred to me, I gotta take better photos!

Millie isn't as snow white as that dog though, oh no! Infact if I'd coloured in the dog all colours apart from white, that would have been more realistic seeing as she gets herself all dirty on a regular basis :)

Ahh, pets, what do they get up to when your back is turned? Miaowski is totally obsessed with paper clips. Ever since she was a kitten she has been fascinated with them and will play with one for hours, batting them up in the air and chasing after them. They have to be coloured ones and she is partial to yellow. My favourite colour is yellow so maybe she takes after me. Anyway the other evening she was restless and trying to get my attention when I suddenly heard this crash behind me. What???

Aha, caught in the act!

Unsurprisingly she didn't pick them back up and put them in their pot!

I'm not sure where Spring has gone as it is icy cold today. It is sunny though so at least it looks cheerful outside.

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