Monday, 5 April 2010

Chocolate overload

Despite all my good intentions I ate too much chocolate over the weekend - how could I resist one of these cute little ducklings by Marks & Spencer? They always do such cute chocolate animals for Easter. Now I'm gonna have to pay for it by being extra good all this week. Well I get cross with myself when my willpower goes out the window.

And I get very cross with myself when I mess up a perfectly good card by looking at it too much and deciding it needs something else doing to it. And then I do the extra thing and end up messing it up. I liked this sweet card with the poppy by Hero Arts but it looked a little boring to me so I added the ladybird and sentiment (also by Hero Arts). Hmmmph! An overinked sentiment is not what I had in mind but that's what I got. Well that'll teach me to leave well alone because really this card started off looking quite sweet but now is overdone. I have to think how to cover up that mistake, if I come up with something that disguises the 'you' it will be a miracle.

Oh well never mind that. Take a look at these beautiful tulips in my kitchen. Admittedly not a good picture but I did it at an angle to try and exclude the washing machine. Can you tell its another dark and dismal morning? It's a bank holiday today, that's why :)

To those in the UK, Happy Bank Holiday! To everyone else Happy Monday!