Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fairy dreams

So I thought I'd have another go with the brayer and see what I could come up with. All the stamps used are by Lavinia stamps. I tried creating some depth by stamping the bluebells black in the foreground and blue in the distance mainly cos I didn't have a darker blue so I thought black will have to do. I created the grass by brayering over a mask I'd made with distress inks shabby shutters and peeled paint. The leaves are in the same colours with the lighter shade stamped first and then the darker over the top to give that depth effect.

Well it is very peaceful upstairs now my neighbours have left. And I can't believe it but I'm missing them already! Honestly, they drove me to my wits end sometimes with the noise they made. What with the drumming on drums to extremely ancient rock music, banging and thumping and crashing where it sounded like they were throwing heavy furniture around, shouting, screaming and general anger management issues. Oh and the dog that sounded like it had 20 pairs of legs stampeding around and getting excited everytime there was a visitor and/or howling in despair every time he was left on his own. Half the time I felt like they were living with me and sometimes I expected to find them crashing through my ceiling. Miaowski has developed a crick in her neck with all the times she's been looking up at the ceiling wondering what the heck is going on up there.

Now it is peace, peace, peace and we are just not used to it - but it is GREAT!!!!!!!

Hee hee, have a great day and thanks for stopping by ...