Thursday, 15 April 2010

An Award for Moi?

Oooh I'm very excited today. I got my first ever blog award - woo hoo!!! This is from the very talented Cheryl Valadez over at The Ink Trap. Be sure to pay her a visit as she makes really cool cards that I admire very much. Thank you so much Cheryl, I really appreciate it and I'm honoured.

I don't have a card to show I'm afraid. My creative mojo took a day off and deserted me but I'm planning on getting busy today and having something to show for tomorrow.

I love reading other people's blogs and spend a lot of time doing so as they can be quite addictive. It's very inspiring to see what other people are creating. But as well as creative blogs I like to read the goings on of Kitty. I recommend taking a look. I have to get my fix of Kitty every day, its an amusing read to find out what that corn loving cat is up to.

Thanks for stopping by...