Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sampler Square

I love these stitches and ribbon stamps by Hero Arts. I've had them a long time but lately have got re-aquainted. When I made the background for this card I loved it so much I didn't want to put anything on top of it. But then I thought that cute button flower (my friend Kate bought me) would look sweet with the little Hero Arts daisy flowers around it. And it reminded me of a quilt square. I would love a duvet cover in that pattern, would be so pretty.

I love colourful things for my home. They aren't always easy to find. A lot of high street stores seem to want to force dull and boring colours on us. I've been looking for a nice duvet cover for awhile and a lot of shops seem to be favouring dull washed out colours too much. There is too much beige and grey going on too. I wanted to buy a dustpan and brush the other day and all that was on offer was silver (err that's grey) and champagne (I think they mean BEIGE!). Whatever happened to red, yellow, blue, turquoise etc etc?? Ooooh it's bringing on one of my rants! Bring colour back to the UK please!!!!

Well today is Dentist Day, hopefully I won't need anything done, just the checkup.

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