Sunday, 31 March 2013

Gran Canaria - 9th March 2013

Arrive in Gran Canaria and it looks sunny outside - yippee!

We try out room service this morning.  I had weetabix, stewed figs with yoghurt and 3 pieces of toast with marmalade.  Mmm yum!

Down the not too scary gangplank and onto safe land.  Straight away I felt good to be in Gran Canaria.  The sun, the warmth, the light breeze, all conducive to feeling relaxed and happy.

We sit at a cafe next to Hibiscus flowers and see beautiful big butterflies and a cricket (or grasshopper or cicada).  It's so good to sit in the hot sun drinking coffee.

A couple off the ship take a photo of us

Interesting cacti display

We go off looking for shops.  But we only seem to find one big department store that looks a bit like Debenhams.  It has steps into it.  I'm not that bothered about finding a more suitable entrance.  I'm more interested in smaller quirky shops.  We don't find any though.  We do go into a shop which is like a downmarket poundstretcher and unsurprisingly don't find anything to buy.

And it's not often you come across a statue of a mad cat woman complete with circling cats

Two cat women
We return to the cafe for another drink and listen to a busker who has a lovely voice.

Mr Tropical
View from our table

We don't have lunch in Gran Canaria.  We're not really hungry and decide if we want something to eat we can return to the ship.  We go up onto the sun deck and eat a Magna ice cream and have a cup of tea.  The sun loungers are all full with people burning everywhere!

Later we go onto the promenade deck

It's nice to just sit and chill.

That's the great thing about cruising.  You can get involved in all the activities or do nothing at all.  We used to like doing nothing much, just enjoying the scenery.

We sailed off at around 5pm.  Andy and I returned to our cabin for a refresher and got ready for dinner.

Dinner tonight was whitebait for starter.  Gammon for the the main course with pease pudding.  And dessert was a yummy chocolate brownie with clotted cream and strawberries.  More heaven on a plate!

Tommorow we have a day at sea while we sail to Casablanca.  Thank you for visiting.


Andyc said...

Mmm, all that food is def filling me the middle!
Yup that day was a change from weather here :) xxx