Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 3 - Sea Day 4 March 2013

After another deep sleep we meet with Kate and Jim and go to Cafe Jardin for breakfast.  Cafe Jardin overlooks the Atrium and is a really nice place to eat.  Normally it's a for fee bistro in the evenings and offers a Marco Pierre White menu.  But for breakfast and lunch it's free.

There is a lot of food to choose from.  Lots of fruit including delicious papaya and three types of melon, berries, pineapple, dried fruits.  Also pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flaked almonds, oatmeal, natural or fruit yoghurts.  And if you had any space left you could choose a cooked breakfast panini, or pancakes with maple syrup or Eggs Royale (which was smoked salmon and egg on a muffin).  Oh yes and croissants too!  I had a bowl of fruit and the Eggs Royale which was super delish.

Kate and Jim
Wearing my new jumper I bought on ship

Our first stop is going to be Madeira so we go to reception to ask whether I will be able to get off the ship and whether there will be a shuttle bus accessible for wheelchairs.  'Yes' to both questions!  I'm really excited because I wasn't sure whether it would be possible, what with me using my electric wheelchair.  I was really surprised to hear there was going to be accessible transport.  Brilliant!
We decided to try out lunch in Cafe Jardin.  It was delicious, I had salmon fishcakes and salad and yes a dessert.  I don't know what it was but it was beautiful and tasted good.  Desserts for lunch!  I know, the decadence!  Jim joined us to tell us poor Kate wasn't feeling too good what with the ship lurching here there and everywhere so she was in her cabin lying down.

By the afternoon the ship was rocking quite violently and it's hard for Andy to walk so he has to grab hold of me to stop him falling over.  Although you can't really tell how bad it felt, here is a short video to see a few of the waves.

Excuse my voice on here, really I wish I hadn't spoken!!

Andy tells me the higher up you are in the ship the more rocking you will feel so might be better to go to a lower deck.  I just want to watch the waves and as I can't see out of our cabin window that well, we set off to a lower floor and hopefully to a better window to look out.  We go down to deck 6 to watch some high waves.  But I wanted to feel the ship being buffeted about more so suggested we go right to the top of the ship for the full effect.  

We went up to deck 14 to the Plaza buffet which has lovely big windows.  Well the place was almost empty!  Must have been the rough ship had put people off eating.  We got a good seat by the window and watched the huge waves and got the full effect all right.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and didn't feel sick at all.

Tonight at dinner we were without Kate as she was still feeling bad. 

The sea is looking a bit wild out there
Dinner was delicious as usual.  I had grass fed British beef followed by New York cheesecake.  Yummmm, check this out ..............

In bed tonight the ship rocked violently all night.  You felt yourself being sucked down into the mattress and then all of a sudden you felt yourself being lifted up almost like you were floating .... such a strange feeling.  Still slept well though.


Andyc said...

Jeez, iv'e just had my dinner.....and all the delicious food mentioned is making me hungry AGAIN! Those rough seas were def exciting :)
Great installment xxx

Anonymous said...

Gosh Liz you write to well. I have enjoyed reading. You write in such an engaging and inviting in way. There is always something special about the way you write. Thanks for sharing. Love Ady