Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Madeira - 6 March 2013

Good morning Madeira!
Woke with excitement.  'Andy, Andy, open the curtain.  Can you see land?'  Bleary eyed Andy sits up and opens the curtain :).  The ship is moving slowly and we can see the island all lit up.  The ship turns around and we dock at around 7.30 am.

You can see where our ship docked but this isn't one of our pictures it's a sunnier day
View from the ship

Despite the excitement, we manage to fit in breakfast.  Mine is melon followed by poached eggs on toast with bacon.

Excitement, we are getting off the ship!  The gang plank is, however, very steep and really scary.  I do not like it in a BIG way!!!  Three men come to help but I still do not like it, I feel like I'm on my way to my death.  But once I'm down (ok I'm trying not to think about the fact I have to get back up it!) the excitement of being in Funchal, Madeira kicks in.

The great thing is, there is a shuttle bus that can take 8 wheelchairs.  I am thrilled that there is such a thing.  We are dropped off in town.  The weather is coolish with a breeze but there is also a hint of humidity.  I have a t shirt on with a fleece.  No sun as yet and in fact it starts to rain pretty soon, but luckily we find a lovely coffee shop in Avenida Arriaga.

Love this cafe, very cool

After the rain clears, we explore a few shops.  I buy some souvenirs and postcards.  I sit and write out 6 while having another coffee.  We get pestered by a beggar but he soon goes off to another tourist after we say 'No' a dozen times.

A lovely church

Sitting outside the coffee shop

We walk around a little park.  The sun tries to peep through the clouds.  It's feeling warmer.

Much as though I'd love to explore everywhere, I'm concerned about how far my chair will go and whether I will have any power left for when I'm back on the ship.  Not having a back up wheelchair means I'm not taking any chances.  We stay around one area and just chill.

Although we don't spend a huge amount of time here.  I like Madeira and the Portugese people we did speak to, were nice and friendly.  'Obrigado' (thank you).

We return to the ship around 2 pm and go to the Plaza Buffet for afternoon tea.  Andy is tired so has a snooze while I update my diary.  The ships sails off from Madeira.

Dinner is delicious and Kate joins us once more.  I have an egg mayonnaise starter, italian meatballs with spaghetti followed by coconut pannacotta for dessert.

Exquisitely presented
Outside our restuarant on deck 6 (Ellora deck), is where the shops are.  They are having a sale tonight.  Andy buys me a beautiful ring, very glam it is too.

Back to our cabin with full stomachs for another deep sleep.

Thank you for visiting and tomorrow we will be in the Canary Islands visiting Santa Cruz, La Palma.


Andyc said...

Oops i 'missed' this write up! What an ace one too! Described to an absolute T. Lovely time and i even got a niiiice bottle of Maidera wine.....from Maidera! xxx