Monday, 1 April 2013

Day at Sea - 10 March 2013

Breakfast overlooking the Morrocan sea.  The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day.  We have a huge bowl of fruit - papaya, melon, blackberries, strawberries, figs, grapefruit and watermelon, sprinkled with chopped almonds.  And then, if that wasn't enough, poached egg on toast and then toast and marmalade.

Deck 7 for sunbathing and a good read.  And then elevenses at Cafe Jardin for coffee and a croissant!!!

Back on Deck 7 for more sunbathing and reading.   Andy sees 3 porpoises, I see one!  Yay!  Too quick for photos I'm afraid.

Later on, tho not much later, we have lunch.  A huge salad with loads of beetroot (I love beetroot :)).  I still have a pudding, which I regret because I didn't really like it.

And then, maybe a couple of hours later, Andy suggests tea at 4pm.  Tea to drink not to eat!  We sit with a nice couple, Tess and John from Weymouth.  Give in to temptation and have a scone with clotted cream and jam!!!!

Tonight is a formal 'black and white' night.  Jim comes to the cabin to give me an early birthday present from him and Kate.  A lovely black and white bag to use tonight with a note on a lovely lizard postcard from La Palma.

Getting ready while Andy plays bubbleshooter

Andy in his black and white
Kate and Jim
Tonight's dinner is a melon starter, a delicious shepherd's pie within a pie

followed by one of my FAVOURITE foods apple crumble and custard.  Now my apple pie wasn't really photo worthy so I took a picture of Andy's trifle instead ....

After all of today's food we were ready for bed.  Back at the cabin, Canute, our steward, made this for us

out of focus crab
Tomorrow it's my birthday and we arrive in Casablanca.  Thank you for visiting.



I am loving following your fabulous trip honey and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomrorow. Hugs xx

Andyc said...

Think i'm noticing a theme running by any chance :) Yup, a yummy write up mmmm xxx