Friday, 22 March 2013

Day 2 - At Sea (3 March 2013)

After a brill sleep I woke early.  Woke Andy to ask the time.  Andy informs me it's 4am!  Don't think he was impressed.  Then we went back to sleep till 5.30 am.  Kate and Jim were coming to our cabin at 8.30 so we could head on to breakfast together  As I needed more help than usual with having a shower etc I thought it was a good idea to get up earlier than normal.  Andy isn't a morning person, whereas I'm very chirpy.  Poor Andy, he told me he was feeling grumpy but if that was grumpy I was impressed.  I/we had quite a laugh at his tiredness/grumpiness.  Maybe 'I' more than 'we'.

We had breakfast in the Adriatic restuarant where we were served by different waiters.  I started with melon followed by scrambled eggs on a muffin with smoked salmon.  All washed down with coffee which was lovely because they kept refilling our cups.  How luxurious is that?

We had an exploration of the ship and boy is it a beautiful ship!  The most beautiful part of it was the Atrium.  I loved the glass lifts.  If you squint you can see me on the second floor up in the middle.  The service was absolutely brilliant, such nice waiters,

It was glamourous allright.

Andy did this short video which gives you an idea of how lovely it is.

Not long after breakfast, we all met up again at Cafe Jardin (Marco Pierre White's restuarant).  We had coffee and croissants (well you have to, don't you?),

Around lunch time we went to the Starlights Theatre to watch a film 'The Art of Being a Wallflower'.  The other's liked it but I got a bit bored and couldn't wait for it to end.  I'd taken a sea sickness tablet and it made me drowsy.

As we had missed lunch we went up to the Plazza buffet on the top deck to have tea and I had a cake.  Jeez, we're only on day 2 and the calories are mounting up, despite all my good intentions.  The food is amazing though and we feel we need to try everything!  

The Captain makes an announcement on the overhead speaker. The seas are going to get rough so take sea sickness tablets.  Me and Andy have been taking them from before the ship set sail.  I wasn't taking any chances.

We go back to our cabin so Andy can have a snooze and I write up my diary.  We are very near Spain at this point.

Tonight is formal night, so we dress up.  

Me and Andy in our posh togs
The Captain (Simon Terry) gives a welcome speech and everyone is given free Champagne (I decline cos I don't drink),  We meet up with some people who recognise us from Taunton!  Pamela, Sylvia, Brian and Charlie.  It's a small world.  They also know Andy's Uncle and Aunt!

Dinner tonight is Oak Smoked Salmon for starter followed by Sea Bass.  My dessert is a lush Strawberries and Cream with a chocolate biscuit, mmmm

The ship was pitching or as I called it 'rocking and a rolling' quite a bit before we went to bed.  I guess we were in that Force 10 gale by now. Had a great sleep though.

Thanks for visiting and please come back for more adventures at sea when things start to get rough.  Have a good weekend.  I'm not posting this blog at weekends so Monday will be the next episode.


Lynn said...

Of course you have to have coffee and croissant, d'uh! The food!! Beautiful. YOu could have tried ginger for the seasickness, no? Ah well, next cruise you can try that :-)
Enjoying your diary very much - you are a very talented and amusing author.
Hi to Andy! And Barbara!

Andyc said...

Mr Grumpy here! Getting up that early has definitely had a knock on effect back at home. Got you to thank or that!
Another big thanks for getting those sea sickness tablets down me, cos i KNOW i'd have been really ill without them. Fact! xxx