Tuesday, 26 March 2013

3rd Day at Sea - 5 March 2012

Had an okay sleep but was woken a few times by the rolling ship.  Sometimes it felt like my bed was being shaken.  Didn't worry me at all and so far I've felt absolutely fine.  I've continued taking Stugeron tablets to prevent sea sickness, every 8 hours, since before boarding the ship and they've worked for me.

Breakfast at Cafe Jardin was yummy.  A huge selection of fruit followed by pancakes with maple syrup and lots of coffee.

We've spent a lot of time during the sea days staying indoors.  What with the wind and rain outside, it hasn't looked very inviting on deck.  But today the sun came out briefly and we got out on Deck 7 the Promenade deck.  Oh wow, so beautiful to see the sea.  It makes me feel wonderful, breathing in the fresh air and seeing the glorious ocean.  We are about 200 miles from Madeira.  It feels much warmer today and feeling the sun's warmth is just lovely ..... actually no word describes just how good it feels.
Meditating on Neptune's world
This afternoon Kate and I go to have our hair done.  I'd checked to see if they would be able to wash my hair while I stayed in my wheelchair and had been told it wouldn't be a problem.  But it was a problem because there was no way the basin could be lowered or put near enough for me to get my head on it.  I asked if perhaps they could put my hair up instead as tonight it was the formal night and I wanted to look my best.  Yes but it would cost £29.00 (the same price as the hairwash and blow dry would cost!!!!).  Gulp!  Errm, no thank you.

I was disappointed and wondered why on earth they didn't have at least one sink that was low enough for wheelchair users to use.  Surely with the amount of wheelchair users on the ship, there was a need for one.  At times like this you really do feel like a 3rd class citizen that doesn't really matter.  It is really bad and I will be writing to P&O about it.

My friend Kate had her hair done and when she went to pay £29 (extortionate!), they told her that it would cost £39 because her hair long!!!  Picture below shows Kate's hair is just about shoulder length, not long!  Anyway after that experience we decide not to spend ANY money in the spa!  We were not impressed.

Playing cribbage in the ship's 'card' room
There is always a lot to do on ship.  You can do your own thing or something that is advertised in the ship's daily 'Horizon' leaflet that is delivered to our cabins every night.  There are all sorts of activities like trying out Pilates, playing quoits on deck, watercolour painting, all sorts.  We play a bit of crib and Jim wins.

Later we go and play bingo for a laugh and hopefully to win some money.  After spending £15 on a few games we don't win anything and that's that!

Tonight at dinner poor Kate is feeling unwell again.  The ship has been really rocking about again quite violently at times.  There was a bit of a shudder during dinner tonight.

Fancy more choppy seas?

Tonight was my favourite dinner.  A poached salmon starter followed by stroganoff with buttered saffron rice with beetroot crisps.  Dessert is Strawberry Romanoff MilleFille (I don't think I spelt that right).  Guess what?  Delicious!!!

Yum Yum Yum
Thank you for visiting and tomorrow we arrive in Madeira!


Andyc said...

Great entertaining write up again. In fact i've read it several times......n'not cos i was there! xxx