Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lisbon - 13 March 2013

We woke to a beautiful sunrise.  Okay our cabin window is a bit dirty!

Up on the sun deck nice and early and sit outside as we sail up the Tagus river to Lisbon.

We got off the ship at 9.30.  The gangplank was the best ever, not steep at all.  We were first in line for the wheelchair friendly shuttle bus (how civilised!!).  I was impressed how organised this port visit was.  There was a friendly rep there to tell us which bus to get on and we didn't have to wait long before we set off. 
Me on the wheelchair friendly bus
The temperature was supposed to be 10C but felt a lot warmer than that.  We were dropped off at Praco da Figueira.  We stopped for a lovely cafe and had the most delicious coffee of our trip.  Oh yes and I had a custard tart which was heaven!  

Andy with a plant growing out of his head
Trying to photograph the cafe behind me
The port and chocolate shop
After buying some coffee and Andy checking out the port, we walk to a pedestrianized area called Rue Augusta.  I buy a t-shirt, sunglasses and a postcard.

We see this cool Mozart 'living statue'.  At first I thought it was all stone statue with Mozart music coming from it.  One of the pigeons wings was mechanised and it was flapping.  Andy was about to take a photo when the man got out and posed with me.

Me and Mozart

Rue Augusta
Another living statue
'Juggling' with balls on a wire
Later we stop for another coffee.  The sun is out and its warm.  We get chatting to Karen and Keith from the cruise.  They tell us the cafe has wifi, yippee!

My new red specs
A man selling sunglasses starts hassling us to buy some 'ray bans' for £25.  I decline, having just bought 3 much cheaper ones from the shop.  After a bit of a haggle I get him down to £10.  Okay I didn't have to buy them but I liked the colour.

After a wander around and a visit to a supermarket to buy some port, we make our way back to the shuttle bus pick up area.  We only had to wait for 15 minutes.

On the coach back to the bus

Graffiti seen from the bus

Seen from the bus
Seen from the bus
Taken from inside the bus
Back at the port building, Andy takes photos of the ceiling which has some interesting things hanging from it!

Back on the ship we get up onto the sundeck 14 for chips, tea and ..... cakes!  And a photo session from the top of the ship overlooking Lisbon.  Very nice and I'd like to visit again.

Near the back of ship
in the Plaza Buffet where we had tea
For dinner tonight I have a feta and watermelon starter with pumpkin seeds.  Then chicken piri piri and then desert - I can't remember what it was called but it was very pretty and tasted yumm!

Lisbon is unfortunately our last port visit.  Tommorow we have a day at sea.  The next two days are days at sea before we arrive back at Southampton.  Thank you for visiting, I'll be back for the next blog post on Monday.


Andyc said...

Absolutely brilliant day.....Lisbon is the bizz! A place to revisit one