Monday, 8 April 2013

Sea Day - 14 March 2013

We wake up to another sunrise.  We get up onto the sun deck early again and enjoy a lovely breakfast.  We really have enjoyed breakfast a lot.  To have such a variety of fruit, all prepared for you, it's a real pleasure.

Spent the morning chilling and reading my kindle.  We sit in the Plaza buffet drinking coffee and watching all the people turning up for a late breakfast.

At lunchtime I discover the curry in the Plaza buffet.  It's been on offer everyday and I've only just discovered it!  It is DELICIOUS, wow I love it.  Then I have plum upside down cake which is also yummylicious.

This afternoon I buy a turquoise top from the ship's Emporium shop.  We see a huge queue for something.  It looks like a queue to one of the dining rooms.  Not more food!  We ask someone who's been in there what is happening.  She informs us we MUST go and check it out.  It is a chocolate sampling session complete with chocolate fountain.  Noooooo.  For once I'm determined not to eat any more.  However .... we decide to join the queue just 'to see' and have a cup of tea.  Yeah, right!  We share a table with a couple called Del and Marley and have a nice chat.

Andy goes and takes some photos of the cakes.  And, of course, we sample some!!!!  Yes, YUM!!!

close up on cakes!!!!
Chocolate fountain
I'm restrained, sort of .... I have two :)

Tonight is the last formal night.

All glammed up

It's a special night because all the chefs who have cooked such fantastic food come out and we all cheer them and wave our napkins at them.

We take pictures of Daniel and Suchin our lovely waiters.

And the Maitre d, Neville who has made sure Andy has had his vegetable menu every night.

Neville with Andy's menu
Setting my baked alaska alight
Chef's parade
Me and Kate
It was a lovely night and we were full up as usual.

Tommorow is our last day at sea.  I can't believe our wonderful holiday is nearly at the end.  Thanks for stopping by.


Andyc said...

Great penultimate write up! That chocolate cake 'party' was truly awesome. I've never seen anything like it.......that was serious overload! xxx