Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cadiz - 12 March 2013

Wake up this morning and we have arrived in Cadiz, Spain.  Andy opened the curtains and we were greeted by a drizzly day that looked remarkably like the United Kingdom.

The rain in Spain....
We decided to have a change of breakfast and go to Cafe Jardin.  This time I have fruit followed by pancakes with maple syrup ....... yummmmmmm!

As it's raining outside I have to stay on the ship.  We didn't think to take raincoats on holiday.  And because my sister had visited Cadiz back in January where it was hot and sunny, we expected it to be even hotter in March.  D'oh!

So I go up to deck 14 to read my kindle while Andy goes to do a recce in Cadiz to see what it's like.  Andy returns to say it looks good.

On our way to our cabin we meet a couple of fellow cruisers who are on the same deck as us who offer us their raincoats as they say Cadiz is lovely and we have to check it out.  We plan to go after lunch.

Lunch is in the Adriatic Restuarant for a change.  We meet John and Trish, Dot and Matt and Pat.  A 3 course lunch starting with Cesar salad followed by pasta, feta and black olives.  And then for dessert I had marmalade sponge pudding and grand marnier sauce - it was really delish.  Infact just writing about food is making me hungry again!

After lunch the rain has stopped so we get off the ship.  Getting off the ship is SCARY as I go down the gangplank BACKWARDS!!  Half way down my chair starts to tip up!  I only did it because the man helping me told me to even though I had a feeling it was a BAD idea.  Next time I'm sticking to my survival instincts!!  Anyway I made it down safely in the end even though I nearly died of fright.

Cadiz is lovely!  We walk through a park and can smell orange blossom from the orange trees.

We discover a nice cafe and stay for a coffee.  By now it is feeling a lot warmer.

After we have a wander

Andy taking photos
Beautiful orange trees

Andy in Cadiz
We don't see many shops but find one where I buy a souvenir for a friend.

On the way back Andy spots a cat having a snooze in the park.

It was cool to see the ship towering over the trees through the park.

A bit out of focus
Warmer and now too many clothes

The ship at the end of the street
Going back up the gangplank to the ship wasn't so scary thank goodness.

Made it safely back on board!
Later we sit on deck 7 to watch the ship sail away from Cadiz

Bye Bye Cadiz

We ate a lot of food today and I remember struggling with my dinner.  I think I had italian meatballs with spaghetti.  Anyway I chose a desert I thought was going to be light and fluffy but was actually really rich and heavy so I didn't eat it all.  Mind you as I'd had dessert at lunch time I'm not surprised.

It does look lovely though ...

Chocolate fudge layer
Tomorrow we arrive in Lisbon, Portugal.  Thank you for visiting.


Anonymous said...

Ooh I think I went to a cafe just like that one. Isn't Spain gorgeous! I adore the people too, very friendly and welcoming, love Ady

Andyc said...

Yeah, that gangplank was REALLY steep! Glad we got on shore together, cos it definitely wasn't 'right' without you when i recced.....
Yup, my mouths watering too now! xxx