Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Casablanca - 11 March 2013

We wake up in Casablanca, Morroco.  Breakfast, delicious as usual.  Outside the Plaza deck windows we look down on a very grotty port scene.  Lots of cranes and vehicles going to and fro.  Not pretty looking at all.  One beautiful place that stands out is the Hassan II Mosque we can see in the distance.

View from the Plaza deck

Coaches taking passengers on their tours

Re-boarding the ship
We go back to our cabin and Andy gives me my present, beautiful Narcisse Rodriquez perfume.  When we are about to leave, there's a knock at the door and there is a steward with a tray of chocolates and a birthday card from the captain for me!  How lovely.  That's a nice touch of P&O to give to passenger's who have a birthday on the ship.

Birthday cards 
We go up to the sun deck to get some sun but it is very windy and not at all sunny.  It's also not very warm.  We get talking to two nice ladies, Cathy and Maggie.

We decided not to get off at Casablanca. We had heard too many negative reports of getting hassled by people, were told not to making eye contact with anyone. Also don't take photos.  Don't wear jewellery etc.  And keep moving.  I was imagining what might happen if Andy left me on my own when he needed the loo.  Aaaargh I might get kidnapped!  We were just happy to chill out on the ship in safety.

Next it's time for coffee.  Ooooh there is some walnut cake so we both have a piece.  There is no way I'd be having cake at this time of day back home.  But it is DELICIOUS, so worth it.

It's got a lot warmer so we go back for some sunbathing and reading on the Promenade Deck.

Andy fetches some lunch (incase we fade away from lack of food - ha ha!).

Kate and Jim return from their Casablanca coach tour which they enjoyed. They didn't have any trouble.  Kate gives me my birthday present, a red heart necklace, a card holder and beautiful glittery bracelets.

This afternoon we all go to Cafe Jardin for tea and .... cakes!!

Chocolate fudge layered cake - yum!
Andy and I return to deck 7 to watch the ship sail away from Casablanca.  It takes ages before it gets going.  We watch a crane slowly lift the gangplank away.  It starts getting really chilly so we give up waiting and return to the cabin.

Waiting for the gangplank to be lifted
My birthday dinner is lovely.  Kate and Jim and Andy have arranged that I get some birthday balloons above the table and after dinner the waiters sing 'Happy Birthday' to me.

For my starter I have Asparagus risotto.  Then ShishTaak which is chicken kebab with almond rice.  Desert is a swan shaped meringue with a toffee center - all delicious as usual.

Shish Taak with Almond Rice

Tommorow we arrive in Cadiz, Spain.  Thank you for visiting.


Nat said...

wow so nice, all this food looks super yummy. Hope your vacation is awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the singing, love Ady

Andyc said...

Vivid sums up today's write up......Casablanca def didn't come up to expectation. It was just nice to stay on board chilling together xxx