Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Day 8 - Livorno, Italy - 19 April 2015

We arrived at Livorno, Italy, early in the morning when it was still dark.  We watched the ship's webcam on our cabin tv to see us approaching the port

Tug guiding us into port

Ready to go
Is there going to be a shuttle bus available that I can get on?   Yes!  Thank you Italy, my faith is restored.  We are shown to the bus and sure enough there is a ramp and two other people in wheelchairs inside.  There isn't really room for me but the Italian bus driver manoeveres me into place.

It's a short journey to the centre of Livorno.  The sun is shining and everything looks lovely.  We can't believe it, we are actually in Italy, it's a great feeling.

When we get off the bus we find a lovely gift shop.  Andy buys a cute Snoopy ornament for us.  As we're Snoopy fans it's great to find him in different countries.

We found a nice cafe outside.  I snapped this while I was sitting there.  I love palm trees, they symbolise warm countries to me.  I need to live in a country that palm trees are happy in.

Selfie time

Afterwards we wander around.  Andy wanders around a mini food market

I forgot what these were

Andy bought some strawberries.  They were lush, big and really sweet.  We sat in the sun eating them.

Then he spotted a bike he had to investigate.

Happy with bike pictures

We did quite a bit of shopping.  Well, I saw 5 items of clothing I liked :).  And then we went into a gelato parlour.  We should have taken photos as the selection was huge.  The man could tell we were impressed because he gave us huge portions.  To be honest I didn't really want so much and a lot of it dripped all over me.  I ended up having pistachio and lemon ice cream stains all over my leggings. Not the look I was hoping for in stylish Italy.

Then we realised our time was running out.  We just made it back to the bus on time to take us back to the ship.  I always feel a bit pannicky about missing the shuttle bus  and the ship sailing off without us.

 Back on the ship we had a lovely time basking in the sun.

This is the life!
Loony Toons ferrry

Tonight's dessert was Coconut Panna Cotta.  Yes it was delish!

The captain made an announcement about our next destination.  We were supposed to be stopping at Monte Carlo but apparently the weather was bad and it was not safe for the ship to dock there.  We didn't mind as we wouldn't have been able to get off anyway as it was only possible to take passengers off the ship via tender boats (inaccessible to wheelchairs).

But lucky for us the Captain said we would be going to Adjaccio, Corsica instead.  This meant we would be able to get off the ship after all.

So tomorrow we arrive in Adjaccio.  Thank you for reading ....


JohnnyGee said...

Wow. Next time take me! In your luggage maybe if you have to!

Andyc said...

Yeah that was one fab day.......