Saturday, 9 May 2015

Day 11 - 3 days at Sea on way home to Southampton

We now have 3 days left of the cruise.  Here are a few photos we took over that time.

Another beautiful sunrise through the cabin windows

Mr Relax chilling

Happy in the sun

A couple of nights before the end of the cruise we had a special dinner called the Chef's Parade.  The 16 chefs who had cooked for us during the whole cruise would parade through the dining room so we could show our appreciation

One last pre-dinner selfie

We had a lovely dinner and we all took photos of each other.

Here is Sheila and Maureen our table companions

And Jen with her mother Louis

Our table

Our lovely waiters Sanjoe and Gaston who worked tirelessly to make our dining experiences so special

The great Chefs who created delicious meals for us.  They were cheered.  We were given a copy of all the menus we received during the cruise

What a great time we had.  It's sad it's come to an end and the 2 weeks flew by so quickly.Hopefully I will be blogging about another cruise in the near future.  

And until then, I'll be blogging about anything else I get up to.

UPDATE:  Oh dear, oh dear I have just realised I forgot to include Adjaccio which should  have come after the day we went to Livorno.  I'd written it up and forgot to include it.  Ok, that will be the next post after this.

Thank you for reading ....