Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Day 7 - Civitaveccia - 18 April 2015

We are so excited to be in Italy.  I've always wanted to go.  We've even been brushing up on our Italian so we can hopefully order a coffee in Italian.  Civitaveccia is the port of Rome ..... Rome is actually a 3 hour journey away.  We're not planning on going to Rome.  We just want to sit outside a cafe and soak up the sun.

Andy checks out the gangway for me (I've been calling it a gang plank the whole time ha ha!).  Again, it's looking good, not too steep.  The Captain announces over the loud speakers that the weather is 17c with rain.  Rain???  That doesn't feature in my Italian dreams.  No, all I've been dreaming of is hot Italy with wall to wall sun and ice cream.

Sure enough, we get off the ship and it's starting to rain.  We are dressed like it's the height of summer with no coats on.  It's cold and there are grey skies.  Is this really Italy, I wonder?  I'm freezing!

Waiting by the ship
When cruise ships arrive in port you see coaches arriving to take people off on their excursions.  Usually arriving for able-bodied people who can actually get on the coach.  Not people in wheelchairs.  We have to hope that there will be an accessible shuttle bus with a ramp or lift.  We were told there was one.  However me and Andy and another lady in  a wheelchair and her husband wait and wait and wait.  There is no shelter at all and it's raining and cold.  So we've had enough already!  Back to the ship we go.

So no Civitaveccia for us today.  In all honesty I'm disappointed but the wet weather has made me glad to be back on  the ship.  We decide it's not going to spoil our day, we will enjoy it whatever happens.  And the good thing is, with most of the passengers off the ship we will enjoy the ship more as fewer people about!

While sitting in the Market Cafe having our coffee.  We can see out of the window quite a few people in wheelchairs returning to the ship having realised there is no transport for them.  Not sure whose fault this is.  P&O usually say it is the country we are visiting whose  job it is to provide the transport. I think they and Italy should organise it between them. Anyway, too bad Italy .... you could have made a few more Euros if you'd put on transport for people who were willing to spend money visiting your country.  Get a grip and sort it out, it's 2015 not the dark ages!

We decide to have an exploration of the ship.   We set about to discover the secret lift that takes wheelchairs up to deck 18 that has the promenade deck that walkers can walk around getting their exercise.  We find the lift on deck 17 hidden behind a silver door.  Very nice too with an automatic door leading out onto the deck.  It's lovely on this deck, very windy but great views

Normally the pool side is packed with sunbathers.  It's too nippy this moning though.

I like this
Later after lunch we go back up on deck as it's got really sunny.  We manage to find a sheltered spot

So in the end we have a lovely afternoon.  Chatting to other passengers and getting the rays.

 No Civitaveccia for us

Before dinner we smartened up a bit and took a selfie

Then time for dinner and my favourite dessert, Summer pudding with clotted cream ice cream ..... oh yes please!  

Tomorrow we are arriving at Livorno, Italy.  I really hope there will be a shuttle bus for us.  I'm going to stay positive.  Thanks for reading ....