Sunday, 10 May 2015

Adjaccio - 20 April 2015

So there's me thinking I had finished with blogging about the cruise.  And then I realised I had forgotten to include my write up on Adjaccio which came after Livorno and before Barcelona!

So here it is ....

How lovely waking up to blue skies in Corsica.  The ship pulls in to a pretty harbour while we are eating breakfast. 

I don't know much about Corsica, but Napoleon Bonaparte was born here in Adjaccio.

It's lovely to see from our balcony that we are very close to a lot of cafes.  We can also see an open air market being set up

We leave the ship and take a short walk over to the market.  It's a food market full of colourful produce.
Spoilt dog being fed sweets 
Pooch wants more

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Andy buys some olives and cheese and wine.  It all looks lush.

Sun-dried tomatoes
We find a cafe overlooking the harbour and enjoy a nice coffee.  It is a real treat to be sitting outside in the hot sun on a Sunday morning.  I feel blessed to be here

P&O Britannia looking beautiful

People were getting ready to listen to some French folk music and eat.  I love seeing the ship from land.  It is so huge

We go back to the ship after wandering around

We spend the afternoon sunbathing on our balcony.  Andy drinks his wine and we eat cheese and olives for our lunch.  It's lovely to look at the harbour and Adjaccio

Ship now leaving the harbour

Goodbye Adjaccio

I hope we come back one day

Tomorrow we are arriving in Barcelona, Spain.  We've always wanted to go there.  Hope it's as warm as it's been today.   

At dinner tonight, Sanjoe, our waiter gave us a warning to beware of pickpockets in Barcelona.  Don't let anyone get close, don't wear jewellery and keep wallets and purses within your clothing in front of you.  Wow, I'm wondering why, if pickpockets are so well known about, Spain hasn't tried to clamp down on them especially in well known tourist spots where they hang out.

Okay so this is the link to take you to my post on Barcelona as I somehow got my posts mixed up.  I wanted to insert this post inbetween my posts on Livorno and Barcelona but I need to do a few tutorials first and I haven't got time.

Thank you for reading ...


Vicky Mozley said...

Lovely to read your Blog about Cruising on the Britannia. My Mum and I have booked a cruise on her next August and found your blog after searching for pictures of the cabin, which is the one you went in!
Have cruised a few times before but not on this ship yet, so was great to read all about your holiday !

Anner said...

Better late than never!!! I just had a look through your blog again after ages.

Looks like you had so much fun. I've never been on a cruise.

Your photos are great especially the sundried tomatoes one!

<3 Anna