Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Happy Autumn Squirrel

Here is another drawing I did using Claudia Nice's book for inspiration. I so admire her drawings, she's amazing. Drawing fur is time consuming but I'm going to keep practising doing it as I need to improve so much.

Another thing I want to get better at is needle felting. I've made a few things but I haven't really made things as well as I've wanted to. Luckily for me, a new shop has opened up in Taunton (UK) called 'HandMaiden's' which sells all hand made things and even better than that is going to run a few classes. If they get enough people interested they are going to do needle felting so I've put my name down.

This is the best thing I've made so far, my sweet little donkey. I'll let you into a secret ... I actually intended him to be a rabbit to begin with but he ended up looking like a donkey so that's what I turned him into :).

Anyway check this out for some very sweet knitted pigs with wigs - so cute and funny.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day ....


donna mikasa said...

Hi Liz! What a fabulous drawing! I think you've done a great job at drawing fur. And your felted donkey is adorable! Reminds me of Eeyore! Hope you are well!