Sunday, 3 October 2010

Another Cheetah

I spent a lot of time drawing this Cheetah. It actually wore me out and I wondered why I chose something with so many spots! I really wish I wasn't so heavy handed with my drawings. I need to improve that. This Cheetah didn't have a happy expression but neither did it have such a sad look either.

I have a real love of Cheetahs. I read a book called 'Pippa' when I was young, by Joy Adamson and I think that was the start of my fascination with them. Plus they are exquisitely beautiful creatures.

It is raining heavily outside. I don't mind so much as I don't need to go out so I'm having a cosy Sunday. Will probably watch a film this afternoon while doing some more drawing practice.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Sunday :)


Dotty Jo said...

Such expressive eyes Liz - wish I could draw! Jo x