Monday, 4 October 2010

Greyhound sketch

Here is a sketch I did of a greyhound but I'm wondering whether it looks a bit horse like? Hmm!

I love greyhounds, they are so beautiful and cute at the same time. I have tried drawing a whole greyhound, legs and all but I find that quite difficult - trying to get everything in proportion. I usually end up with one of the legs being shorter than the rest!

I'm a little stressed this morning as I've got a dentist appointment with 3 fillings to look forward too! Only 4 hours to go!!

Thanks for stopping by ...


Cheryl Valadez said...

I love seeing your art work, Liz! What a talent you are!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Lizzy, how you do capture their eyes - Greyhounds look just like Deer and yes, very very similar to horses. I'm not surprised you are having a tough time with the legs - my Greys don't know what to do with their long legs either and bend them in all sorts of scary ways! Kyle often unbends them at the wrist (just as you drew the one here) because it seems impossibly uncomfortable! He says 'no bent paws' and then unbends them. Too cute.
I love this drawing, you so capture the soul and depth of Greyhounds - they are so addictive.
Lynn and Charlie, Jack and Shelby the Greyhound gang