Monday, 18 October 2010

Bunny Love

Oh I can't believe how I have abandoned my blog lately!!! I think I've just got side tracked by so many other things.

Anyhooo here is a practice scribble I did of bunnies, another favourite critter of mine. I know the paws of the one in the foreground are extremely weird, but I'm not that great at paws. I was trying to practice drawing fur which is something I really need to get better at. I copied these buns by a book by Claudia Nice (Painting and Drawing your Favourite Animals). And notice the smudgy paper?? Well that was me constantly erasing.

I need about 10 erasers, the one I use is soooo dirty it just transfers back onto the paper. The other thing I need to is more sharpeners because I use them so much they end up blunt and then my pencil ends up blunt and then I can't draw properly - boo!

Well I don't have a lot to write about which is probably why I haven't written up my blog. I like to have something to say and for some reason I just can't think of anything. Does this mean my life has got so boring? Hmmm, Maybe! Oh well ....

Thanks for stopping by ... be back tomorrow with a squirrel :)