Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A visit from a couple of ferrets :)

A friend of mine came round last night to show me these cute baby ferrets. Awww, what sweeties they are. They are from a litter of 5 and all were white apart from one sweet little brown one named 'Bandit' because he has that stripe across his eyes. He also had a rounder face than the others and when lying on his back looked like a baby otter. I would LOVE one of these as a pet.

I tried very hard to take a photo of Miaowski sniffing them but for some reason I couldn't get the camera to click. Miaowski's eyes were on stalks when she was these little fellas. She came right up to them and gave them a good sniff but was on her best behaviour and didn't try to eat them! Her tail went a bit frizzy and fluffed out as she wasn't quite sure what they were.

Shame I didn't really get good pictures of them. They wriggled around quite a bit. And just when I thought I was getting a really cute pic of Bandit lying on his back, the white ferret lay on top of him obstructing the view!

They just wouldn't pose for the camera.

If only little Bandit looked up at this point this next picture might have been better.

But it wasn't unfortunately.

I've told Miaowski she might be getting a ferret as a friend very soon :). Don't think she was impressed!

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Pieman said...

they are truly awesome animals! if i ever finish uni, and get a place that lets me have animals a ferret is on thet list!

Cheryl Valadez said...

LOL! Sounds like Miaowski is used to being an only child ;D But these little fellows are so cute! How can she resist them?