Friday, 9 July 2010

Tilt your head Scanner's not working

What's up with my Epson Scanner, I do not know. I put the picture in straight and this is how it scanned. I'm at a loss to know what it's up to.

Anyway here is a sketch I did recently. It's the first drawing I've done in a long while. I didn't get her nose or mouth quite like the picture I copied it from. But on the whole I'm quite pleased with my attempt. I'm going to try it again because the little girl is so beautiful, I need to try and capture her better. I used the wrong kind of paper because this is textured paper for watercolour painting so that didn't help

I was going to scan in the original picture but as you can see my scanner is doing weird things.

I was ill last night. I was attempting to be healthy so made a lentil dahl for my supper. I used all natural ingredients and spices. I chopped up chillis, ginger and garlic, onions and blended a few spices. Added spinach to the cooked lentils. Not sure whether I cooked it enough or what happened but lets just say I'm not going to be eating lentils for a long time. Actually I'm surprised I'm still here to tell the tale, I was so sick and all night long!

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by ...


donna mikasa said...

Hi LIz! I actually like the angle--like you did it on purpose! What a wonderful sketch...

Hope you're feeling better and will give lentils another try. Take good care!