Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Twinkling H2O Dragonflies

More Asian dragonflies from Non-Sequiter Stamps. This time I coloured them in with Twinkling H2O paints. These paints are pearlized water based colours and are so nice you can paint on black card with them and they show up beautifully. Originally when I made this card I tried to be clever with a tassle hanging down the side but it just didn't look right so I took it out. But then there was a hole left in the card so I added the gold dragonfly brad - see, no such things as mistakes, just happy accidents :)

Not sure if this closer up pic shows off the beauty of the shimmery paints.

The gorgeous hot weather seems to have left the South West for the time being. I know, I wish it every year but I wish we could have at least 1 month (why not 3?) of nice warm summery weather without any breaks. Okay maybe some rain at night time but every day sunny and hot.

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donna mikasa said...

This is so pretty, Liz! The Twinkling H20 is such a great medium to work with--love it inside the gold embossing! And you are one clever cookie to add the dragonfly brad!