Monday, 12 July 2010

Normal Services to be resumed soon :)

Been so busy going out and about lately so still no new cards to show. So here is Miaowski trying to hide a portrait of herself - wonder why? Excuse the fuzzy picture, the lighting wasn't too bright for this pic.

The weather has been so lovely but we are due for rain soon. So, I must spend some much needed time to re-organise and tidy up my flat. I need to create some space before I can create anything else.

Here is another pic of Miaowski, this time looking alert - think she might have spied a pigeon or a squirrel ...

Here is another picture of Miaowski looking good with a yellow background :)

Hopefully I'll be taking better pictures soon. I'm getting a new phone soon, the new Nokia X6 with Carl Zeiss optics. Doesn't that sound impressive? Who knows what it means as long as it sounds good :). Ahh, they are a German manufacturer of optical systems - well I'm trusting that makes it super good!

Will be back blogging soon. Guess it's bound to be a bit erratic during the summer months.

Thanks for stopping by ..


Cheryl Valadez said...

Hi Liz! Miaowski is a beautiful feline specimen and looks stunning in your photos! What great company she must be ;D Looks like she would be helpful in the craft room sorting ribbons and helping you pick out papers, as only kitty crafters can...hehe!! Hugz, Cheryl