Thursday, 30 April 2015

Day 4 - Arrive at Gibraltar - 15 April 2015

Very exciting to wake up, and see we have arrived at Gibraltar.  I have never been here before and have no expectations.  Arriving and leaving ports is great, you see the Pilot boat arriving (a tiny boat with a pilot on it).  The pilot climbs on board the ship through a little hatch on the side.  He then helps to guide the ship into or out of the port.  I took this picture through the balcony window

Although I'm excited, I'm also nervous about going onshore.  Mainly because I'm worried about getting off the ship via the steep gang plank.  So Andy goes down to deck 4 to check it out.  He tells me good news .... it's not at all steep.  Hurray for that!  So now I feel good.

It was a real treat getting off the ship easily.  We set off towards town.   There  is no shuttle bus to take us as it's not a huge distance.  However we've been told it might rain and what is not a huge distance to some is to me. I still have worries about my chair breaking down and I'm calculating the distance of being pushed back to the ship as we go further and further away from it.

It's also pretty cold and windy which is a shame.  I'm not wearing a coat and neither is Andy.  We are both hoping the sun is going to come out. 

We follow other holiday makers and end up in a square surrounded by cafes and shops.   In the centre is a lot of tables and chairs for alfresco meals.  I'm trying to imagine it all in hot sunshine.  Instead it looks a bit grey and dismal.  I took a couple of pictures but they aren't that great

We went inside a few shops but didn't really see anything too exciting to buy.

We found a cafe to warm up in and get some wifi

Now it was time for shopping.  We looked around and bought a few things.  I took this photo while inside a perfume shop.  Mainly because a Westie was going by

We hung around for a bit and then decided to go back to the ship for lunch as the ship was going to be leaving soon.  The sun still hadn't come out.  Andy took this photo of Britannia behind the trees

We were only at Gibraltar for half a day.  While leaving, Andy took these photos while we had our lunch up on the Horizon deck

Pilot boat

I quite like Gibraltar.  I think it would be greatly improved with heat and sunshine though. And also if I was walking we would have gone further and done more things.  I'd have liked to have seen some monkeys up on the rock and explored the caves within it.

Back up on deck 16 for sunbathing and people watching.

Now what did I have for dinner?

Poached Highland Salmon
Beef Stroganoff
Strawberry Romanoff Mille-Feuille


Tommorow we going to be at Allicante.  Thanks for reading ....