Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Day 3 - At sea - 14 April 2015

Woke up  to a beautiful morning.  We saw the sun beginning to rise.  Wow what a sight to see while eating a delicious breakfast

It's things like that that make cruisng so special.  I don't get to see things like that from my flat back at home.

Later on we decided to go to the Market Cafe on deck 5.  You have to pay extra for coffee and food in this cafe but it's not hugely expensive.  We fancy a proper coffee and you don't get that in the buffet area.  The food looks good here too.  Tasty looking deli food and cakes.

We decide we will definitely come back and treat ourselves. We never do as we end up eating so much delicious food thatis free we are never hungry enough to buy more.  

We go to the Market Cafe a lot for our coffee.  It's a nice place to chill out while doing the ship's crossword everyday.  Also play Connect 4 a lot and Andy wins pretty much most of the time!  I like it here because the tables are right by the windows so we can see the sea.

What is 4 Across? 
I don't  know

For lunch we go back to the Horizon deck and I have chicken curry followed by mango dessert.  Can't believe I'm eating a whole meal for lunch.  Already I'm finding it really easy to eat much more than usual.

Afterwards we go outside on deck 16 to sit in the sun and look  around

I've got better pictures of the upper deck that will appear in the following days.  It's a bit windy but at least the sun is out and the skies are blue.

Then more sunbathing back on our balcony as it's windy up on the top deck.  

Tonight is a black tie night.  So we have to dress up  There are 4 black tie nights on this cruise.  I'm not a huge fan of dressing up.  For one thing there is a lot of ice cold air conditioning in the ship and instead of wearing skimpy smart evening wear I just want to wear a thick jumper.  Mind you, after eating dinner the calories have warmed me up and I'm okay.  I swear they keep the ship cold to make you hungry so you eat more.

Here is a picture of my dessert Pear Tartan, the picture doesn't do it justice.  It was delicious.

After dinner we went for a walkabout around the ship.  Here is the centre piece of Britannia's Atrium, the Starburst chandelier/scrulpture lit with coloured led.  It is supposed to be the 'wow' factor of the Atrium. The Atrium's of ships are the central hub and are usually stunning.    It's okay but I preferred Oceana's palm trees, far more glamorous to my mind.  Andy agrees  Sorry P&O.  

Now check out P&O Oceana's Atrium ....

I want to go back on Oceana one day, it was so beautiful.  

Tomorrow we arriving in Gibraltar.  It is exciting waking up in another country.  Thanks for reading ,,,,


Andyc said...

Love reliving those days at sea. The time seemed to fly by.....helped by lot's of yummy food!