Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Day 2 - At Sea 12 April 2015

After a good night's sleep we go up to the Horizon deck for a buffet breakfast. We prefer this to the formal dining room.  We both love papaya so have loads of it with melon and pineapple and you can get lots of it here.  Andy has a fry up and I have poached egg on toast.  Then we share a piece of toast and marmalade.  I'm pretty much fixated on food as I have spent months trying to starve myself.  The food on the ship is sooo good!

We also like the horizon buffet because we can sit right by the windows which have fab views of the sea

The sea makes some beautiful patterns

Afterwards we go to deck 6 to look around the ship's shops.  Most were very expensive but they were nice to look at.  The Pandora shop was very tempting plus they had Joules the clothes shop, expensive perfume, watches and handbags and sunglasses.  There was also a general shop that had toiletries and gifts etc. 

Here are some glitzy items in one of the shops.  The prices were ridic!

The ship is huge and full of many restaurants, bars, lounges, decks etc.  There are lots of things to do at all times.  But if you don't want to do any of it, you can look out to sea and dream, read, eat and sleep ..... which is pretty much something I'm good at.

This afternoon we were lucky to have the sun shining on our balcony.  So Andy had a glass of wine and we sat there looking for dolphins.  Nope we didn't see any.

Sun worship
Andy dropped off to sleep.  I tried to sneakily take a picture of him so I turned my camera around without looking into it.  He spotted me and this is what I got ha ha

This evening at dinner we met our other dinner table mates, Sheila and her friend Maureen who were also very nice.  Lucky we all got on as we would see them every night and it was great to find out what they'd all been up to.  Pictures of them will show up later on in the blog.

Also, I meant to say, we had two lovely waiters, Sanjoe and Gaston. They were so friendly and helpful.  Pictures of them will show up later on.

Andy's dessert was Chocolate Mousse cake with a Praline Centre and Hazelnut Florentine

Another day at sea tomorrow before we arrive at Gibralter. I'm a bit nervous about getting off the ship.  I worry the gangplank is going to be too steep like it was on the Oceana.  I worry my chair might break down.  I worry how far away the shops are going to be from the ship.  I worry there won't be a shuttle bus for wheelchairs,  I worry quite a lot and I know it's pointless as it doesn't change anything. I don't know why some of my paragraphs keep centering themselves!

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Andyc said...

The chill factor of cruising really comes over....... and the delicious fooood!